Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the million days of Christmas

Haven't had much time to post in the last month or so - the Holiday shopping season came on fast and furious, and I've been sequestered in the lab cranking out what probably amounts to thousands of bars of soap...

But I did still manage to make 4 new pieces across 2 different Plush shows for December - one in Columbus and one in Chicago.

These are "Verdancy" and"Winter Wanderer", which were shown at Rivet Gallery in Columbus.  I tried sculpted antlers for the first time on this guy:

And I sent these two to Chicago - they are titled "Thanks, Grandma" and "Tundra".  Tundra sports yet another set of antlers, while the other guy wriggles in an itchy woolen sweater.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas - not necessarily because of the holiday itself, but the small rest period it represents, and the closure of yet another year of Squeaky Queen Laboratory.  I usually take a break between Christmas and New Year's Day, where the shop is closed for that week, so I can clean, take inventory, do finances, drink some wine, and just rest up for the next onslaught!

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