Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bumble Sale Q&A

I've had some questions about tomorrow's sale, so I thought I'd do an informational post here, to answer them. Make sure you click on the "Continue Reading Post" link below, to read the whole thing!

Q: Where is your shop? 
A: You can find it HERE.

Q: Why can't I buy anything?
A: I will open the shop exactly at 2:00 pm  EST, January 15th. This way, everybody has the same chance to come into the shop and purchase.

Q: Tell me about the Bumble.
A: There will be 60 available in this original yellow/black colorway, and after this, it's a very good chance there will be no more in this colorway.  Bumble is about 10" tall, features printed fabric designed by the artist, and a handpainted resin face with black acrylic eyes. His antennae are adjustable paper-wrapped wire with painted wooden balls. Bumble is stuffed with lightly scented woodchips and natural cotton batting. He's been sewn, stuffed, painted, and assembled completely by the artist.

Comes wrapped and boxed, with a brass edition tag and signed hang-tag.

Q: Does putting an item into my shopping cart reserve it for me?
A: I'm not 100% sure, but I think the only way the item is truly yours is if you've entered the payment processing system on Shopify.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items I can buy?
A: For the Bumbles there is a limit of 1 per person. I have many collectors who are trying to buy my art, and the numbers are limited, so to make it fair to everybody, I'm limiting the purchase amount. friend, that's totally fine, enjoy. To avoid issues with purchasing, please only select 1 for your cart.

Q: Are the Bumbles the only thing you are selling now?
A: At this time, yes - the competition can be fierce with my pieces, because I have a large collector base, and I wanted to keep it simple and straightforward this time. Soon I will open the store for merchandise sales again.

Q: When will you ship?
A: These will probably ship about 7-10 days after the sale - the reason is, I'm still finishing them, and the packaging/packing/shipping alone will take a few days with so many items.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: I am shipping USPS Priority for both international and domestic, because it includes both insurance and tracking information, which is very important when sending artwork. For Domestic (US) orders, it will be in the $15 range, and depending on country, international buyers should expect somewhere between $30 and $48. I know it seems like a lot, but this IS what the post office charges, I am not making any money on shipping.

Q: I live in a country with currency other than USD, can I purchase?
A: Yes, the shopping cart should have no problem converting your currency.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, I ship all over the world. Just select the International Shipping option.

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