Thursday, January 9, 2014

Precious metals

I wear jewelry every day; it's an essential part of my feeling prepared to take on the world, and in some ways they could be considered talismans or amulets...objects that have touched my skin countless times and been with me in every situation of my life. My collection is actually rather small - I would rather have a just few quality pieces that match and go with anything I wear, for any occasion, rather than have a million items to keep track of.  I don't have any jewelry with precious stones that are cut to sparkle, and aside from a ring I don't wear (but keep for sentimental reasons), I own no gold.  I'm attracted to shiny objects for sure, but my taste is pretty rustic. I like metal that's a little beat-up;  I like to see a bit of corrosion or patina, or little scratches on the surface from use.

After all the pictures I've included a list of what these pieces are, and where you can get most of them (or something similar). 

1) Bronze Ram's Skull: (actual artist unknown, was purchased for me as a gift from California) similar one here by Etsy seller MRD74
2) Silver antique lace ring by Peg and Awl, also a gift.
3) Quartz point pendant - I don't remember the specific seller, but there are a few on Etsy that sell these.
4) Antique Key - found at an antique store in a town I used to live in.
5) Silver Russian prayer ring - purchased in a St. Petersburg church in Russia when I was 19. The old script on it says "Lord, save me and protect me"
6) Herkimer diamond wire-wrap pendant - given to me by the very sweet Kim H. of Fall Hill Bead and Gem at a craft show years ago. They hunt for and sell herkimer diamonds from New York.
7) Twig broomstick pendant by Burial Ground - I wear this piece the least because it's so delicate, but those little twigs are incredibly detailed and lifelike.
8) Earrings: steel spirals, horn spirals, and steel claws in size 4g - I've had these for so long (like a decade or more) that I don't even know where they came from. Pretty sure you can get them at most retailers of jewelry for stretched ears.


  1. Amanda,

    I have been an admirer of your work for awhile and love to read your posts, whether they are about process or inspiration.

    I must say that it is especially cool to see your personal jewellery collection. I am an instructor who teaches metalsmithing at an art college in New Brunswick. I saw a picture of you on instagram wearing some awesome Ouija themed accessories that reminded me of a locket that I once fabricated.

    If you are ever in the position where you would like to do a trade for a one of a kind piece, check me out....just saying!

    Love your work!

  2. These are very beautiful. I love how they all conform to the same aesthetic,; oxidised and patinated silver, cool, clear gems, sculptural pieces. I really am going to have to get myself one of these herkimer diamonds.

  3. Such a beautiful collection! I have very little that I wear daily but one I just hate to leave the house without because I honestly feel naked!

  4. Спаси и сохрани ??? Strange...


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