Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week in Photos, January 26, 2014

I'm incorporating a new "week in photos" section too, which I hope to update as much as possible - I'm hoping it will help me to keep track of things visually, which so often I forget to. Documenting is important; it's basically a photo diary that I can look back on at any time to remember what I've done and where I've been.

This week has been a little boring, mostly because I've been finishing the Bumbles and getting them ready to send out (tomorrow!). So I've been seeing yellow and black in front of my eyes for so long...I am so proud of them, and so happy about the sale, but I can't say I'm not happy to be finished!

This is a HUGE swarm of bees...

In non-Bumble news, I met an awesome new friend! The lovely and talented Jordan Elise of Horrible Adorables, to be specific. She came over for an art day and we spent hours upon hours making stuff, drinking wine, eating fattening foods from a local bakery, and and swapping stories. I'm thankful to have people like this so close by - Northeast Ohio can feel a bit barren sometimes when it comes to artsy folks who are cool with being "the strange one" in most situations, so I'm always super happy when I meet someone new. Definitely check out her Etsy Shop, she makes quirky, friendly creatures out of a million-billion hand-placed pieces of wool felt. So great!

Lattice-like voids in punched wool felt
Jordan glues each felt scale on one at a time!

Felt pieces. Or the worst tasting breakfast cereal ever.

Scented sawdust for stuffing dolls. Also an unappetizing breakfast offering.

Painted faces awaiting their antennae.

I have a newfound obsession with the combination of grey and near-gold, too. I say near-gold, because it's not that really yellow gold, it's more of a white bronze color, like the combination of gold and silver. I used satin adhesive tape to give myself a duo-tone manicure in these colors. I used NYC's "Sidewalkers" as the grey, and Sephora/OPI's "Looks like Rain, Dear" as the gold, which, when layered over grey takes on a more silvery tone, as the polish itself is clear with gold and holographic glitter.


  1. I am so bummed I missed out on the Bumbles sale. I love that swarm shot of them all. Thank you for sharing Horrible Adorables, her tangled twins piece is fantastic!

    1. Isn't her stuff awesome! I was so happy to find that we lived so close. I'm hard at work with some new stuff that I'll be releasing as soon as I can...working on some little cute guys :)

  2. I'm sad to miss out on the sale too! But I do own a Horrible Adorable! Could we look forward to a show of you two in the Cleveland area???

    1. Who knows, maybe it can happen down the road! I don't usually show here, but Chris Ryniak and I have been talking about organizing some kind of release or snack-and-draw or get together or something...would be great if all three of us could get involved :)


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