Friday, January 31, 2014

Week in Photos, January 31, 2014

Boxed up the Bumbles and they're en route to their new homes now!
Cut out patterns and began sewing bodies for the Circus Posterus show at
Rotofugi next month.
Chris Ryniak had a surprise no-work-because-it's-insanely-cold day, so
we had a work day and he started a new character head in Monster Clay.
I used Ion Color Brilliance "Titanium" dye (diluted) and got this
interesting desaturated periwinkle color.
Two shampoos later, it's a proper silver/grey color -
totally strange,  but I kind of love it!!
Added a new set of dingy old teeth to my collection...
...the type on the case is amazing, I mean, just look at that rad dodecahedron!!!

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  1. Hi Amanda,


    Some of the teeth models are still made!

    Best regards,


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