Friday, February 7, 2014

Week in Photos, February 7, 2014

I can't believe another week is almost at an end. This one flew by in a blur of sewing and painting, not very much time for reflection or blogging this time. We got buried under snow again; it's amazing how much time that can take out of you. I'm well past the "it's not too bad" stage of winter. I'm definitely ready for it to be over.

Enjoying some new Japanese incense - this is from Shoyeido and is
called "Moss Garden". Pipsqueak approves.

Added some virgin coconut oil and a bit of coconut-flavored syrup to my
egg custard recipe...I was happy with the result!
Got in a delivery of some floral-flavored syrups from Monin  (I'm desperate for spring), and decided to do a taste-test in plain sparkling water. Here's the verdict:

• Rose: Full floral rose aroma and taste. Will be great in ginger drinks and black tea.
• Elderflower: I love it in the sparkling water - citrusy and fresh, and a slight floral note.
• Hibiscus: Tart and deep, almost barely floral. Will be killer in margaritas in the summer.
• Violet: Very soapy/powdery floral, must use sparingly. Thinking it would match well with a very fragrant gin, perhaps as a floral accent to a French 75 cocktail?

I shot some video of them bubbling away, interesting that they all effervesce at different rates.

Finishing up my pieces for the Rotofugi show, here I'm
staining some ruffles for some faux-aging techniques.


  1. I didn't know Monin did an elderflower syrup! I'll have to see if I can find that. You're absolutely right about it being wonderful in sparkling water.

    1. It's good! I got one from IKEA a while back, and I liked that one too, I think the Monin one is a little more grapefruity. I love St Germain liqueur in champagne, but this might be a more casual alternative!

  2. Awman. I had the Moss Garden incense in my cart on their website, then when I went to checkout, the shipping cost was over $30. Stupid Canada. :( $4 incense, $30+ shipping. Couldn't do it. I wonder if there's some other way to get it, it sounds so lovely..

    1. By the way, I'm PastYourPorchlight from instagram. Forgot to enter a URL.


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