Friday, November 7, 2014

DesignerCon 2014: Preview and Information

Almost finished packing up, and ready to board a plane this evening for a trip to sunny California! If you're in the southern California area, I strongly recommend this convention - it's always a blast. It's an inexpensive way to get up and personal with SO MANY talented artists and designers, as well as see exclusive and brand new toys, plush, art, and apparel items.

Here's more information about DesignerCon:

You can find me at the Circus Posterus booth (booth #700 on the convention map). I will probably be walking around some of the time (I want to see all the cool stuff too!), but I'll always have the CP booth as my "home base".

If you are wanting to get any of the Circus Posterus exclusive items (including my stuff), the first day of the convention is always a trainwreck of people trying to get what they want, so the CP staff has implemented a protocol to handle this - see someone at the CP booth and they'll explain how it works! You'll need to get a raffle ticket, and sales will begin 45 minutes after the doors open. This is only for the rush of Saturday morning, any other time is normal.


Chris Ryniak and I will be doodling and signing together from 12 noon - 1pm Saturday and Sunday.


This is what I'll have at the table this year:

Spool Pipsqueaks (6 available, $100 each)
Hand-painted Pipsqueaks with painted glass eyes, sitting atop handmade "antique" thread spools, with custom label.

Poppyseeds (12 available, 3 colors, $175 each)
My newest resin figure, handpainted with a cute antiqued collar which can be removed.

One of a Kind Dust Bunnies (3 available, $550 each)
Original, handmade Dust Bunnies. Hand sculpted and painted face with porcelain teeth and glass eyes.

Clear-bagged Pipsqueaks (50 available, $18 each)
FIFTY Pipsqueaks in clear bags - no surprises, just pick the color you like best!
(Colors shown below are just an example, not the specific colors available)

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