Thursday, December 12, 2013


Read on for details!

I have a little contest running until the end of December! You could win a holiday goodie bag that includes the original pencil drawing "It's Cold Out There"!  Here's how to play:

Win this drawing!
1) Create a profile on the Circus Posterus forum (HERE)...we're always looking to welcome people who like to talk about art, toys, design, and just whatever! Jump in and meet the community.

2) Decorate as many cookies as you want - just keep to a Circus Posterus theme (derive your inspiration from my artwork, or the art stylings of any of our artists!). The only limitation is that all your cookies must be edible - no cheating using paints or clays, they must be food!

3) Take a picture of your masterpiece(s) and post them on the forum, in the "December Cookie Contest" thread (that's HERE).  If you have trouble posting, the boardies are always super helpful, but you can always just post a link to where we can all admire it.

4) have a beverage of your choice and toast to yourself for your hard work.

5) At the end of the month, I'll choose a winner! Remember, this isn't about how "accurate" or "realistic" the cookie looks - you can score points with me by being really creative in what you decorate with, how you take your photo, what kind of cookie, etc. Just be creative and have fun!

I'm BAD at decorating cookies, so I look forward to being impressed by everyone else's skills :)

Good luck!

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