Sunday, January 5, 2014

New year, new ideas

You're probably thinking "whoa, the blog looks really different", and I'm very much hoping you're also thinking "wow, the blog looks awesome!"

This year, I'm changing the way I approach my online comings and goings - namely, I'm going to be doing a heck of a lot more blogging, and this blog is going to be the central hub of my online activity.

So, when you see a tweet or an Instagram post that ends with the word "Blogged", you know you can come here and read more information about it.

It's one thing to see what an artist makes, and to see the process,  but it's also really great to see what inspires them, the things that make them excited, and the ways they live their lives creatively. I'm not famous or rich, but my life has little things about it that make it beautiful and interesting, and those are things I'd like to start sharing more. 

One of the things that 2013 taught me is that people want to connect, and so do I. I get inspired by what others are doing, and I want to be a bigger part of that. I want to make a stronger connection with my internet friends by sharing more of my world with you. Happy new year!


  1. Oh I'm excited to see what you post! And how did I not know you had a blog before now? Love your work! :)

  2. Beautiful! Everything you touch seems to come away with this antique-y but fresh style, I love it. Have you ever posted any of your older work, like before you found or developed your style, or have you always been drawn to this sort of thing? Just curious. :)

  3. I'm so glad to read this! Funny you learned that people want to connect, because I think I learned that *I* want to connect! Something I haven't been so interested in before. But now I find myself disencouraged by bloggers who doesn't respond to their readers and fans which in the ends leads to me unfollowing them. I'm really looking forward to see the new direction this blog is going in! :)


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