Monday, March 3, 2014

Show Color Palette: Forgotten Finery

Back in the spring of 2012, I had my first-ever solo exhibition (sold out!), called "Forgotten Finery" at Rivet gallery in Columbus, Ohio. This show marked the first time I took a decidedly "lighter" approach to a body of work, as many of my previous shows had featured darker colors, a more "decay" oriented aesthetic, and a slightly more sinister feel. I wanted to explore my work as a form of decoration, and approach this particular group of dolls from a brighter and warmer perspective.

The main source of inspiration for this show was Rococo art and fashion (I even made a nearly 3-foot tall bunny in a layered Rococo-style gown). It exemplifies this sort of "opulence of privilege" that exists purely as a fantasy for most people, attainable for very few.

Some inspirations included:

• the incredible fashion (for both men and women of the high classes) of the late 18th century, with hand-tatted lace, shimmering silks, matte velvets, and hand-embroidery.

• the soft, buttermint colors of tea roses and peonies

• exquisite (and often inedible-looking) wedding cakes, French pastries, and confections

• The lore and speculation surrounding the life of Marie Antoinette. I read a couple of biographies about her during my time working on the project. I also watched Sofia Coppola's film "Marie Antoinette" numerous times as well - while not a historically accurate depiction, the art direction and costuming are endlessly inspiring to me, still. Every frame, it seems, contains at least one very good artistic decision.

• the stiff and lovely costume of classical ballet

• block-printed wallpaper, from the 18th century

My "Duchesse" for the show - freestanding at 30" tall!

I even ensured that the refreshments at the opening fit the color scheme!


  1. Hello,
    Am in love with your work. Really amazing. Just wondering if your Dust Bunnies are Vegan friendly?

    1. Thank you so much!

      Well, it depends on how far back in the supply chain you want to go. Most of my materials are cotton and linen, but I occasionally use vintage wool or silk fabrics. Those are things I can either include or omit, but I'm NOT certain that all the paints, stains, clays, enamels, and adhesives I use contain no animal by-products, as they're not managed by the FDA, and therefore not required to list ingredients. So, without the knowledge of those materials, I would have to err on the side of caution and say "probably not".

      There are so many different processes I use to make these that involve so many different materials and chemicals of unknown makeup, it would really be impossible for me to say with confidence, one way or another.

    2. Thank you so much for answering me and being honest. I really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful day. =)

  2. "Duchesse" Wow. Just wow. Sorry I can't put it any more eloquently than that. ;)


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