Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week in Photos: March 1, 2014

Secret project (so far) drawings.

A bit of a lean week, this week, in terms of work. I periodically go through these laggy intervals, where I think I start thinking too much, get overwhelmed by anxiety over upcoming responsibilities, and just get a little emotionally crippled and I can't force myself to do much. I've done this ever since I was a kid, and you'd think that after 33 years of living, I would have figured out how to handle it, but the remedy still eludes me. One of these days I will be able to slay this particular demon, but as of right now, I just sort of have to deal with it until I make it out the other side.

One big project that I'm working on right now (pic above) is SO cool, but I can't really say much about it yet, as it's a large project and just now beginning the germination stages. I will say a few things about it though: 1) It involves another amazing artist, 2) it's going to be a large-scale production of some small-scale things, and 3) it will be widely available, and affordable for all of my collectors. Excited!

I am absolutely the type of person to paint my nails up fancy to make myself feel better on gloomy days. Into the annals of internet manicure-photography, I submit these: Rainbow Glitter Galaxy Space Nails.

Found a great old toy xylophone. At this point it's more "objet d'art" than "xylophone", as the tines don't really ring out as much as make a slightly tonal metallic clunk when struck, but so what, look at that patina!

I ordered a sample of a perfume called "Smoke", by a woman who has the utterly genius business-model of starting an entire business to sell a few incarnations of the exact same product. I'm picky about perfume (don't get me started) so I'm always keen on trying something new and different. My initial review is that it is absolutely lovely, if a little one-dimensional. The strange things is, when I opened the envelope it came in, the scent that greeted me was exquisite - some earthy and oddly familiar blend of vetiver, patchouli, a hint of warm citrus and some gentle note of red spice, like clove or carnation. But upon applying the perfume, all that fell away immediately and I was left with just the scent of vetiver essential oil. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vetiver, it is amazingly complex and can be worn as a perfume alone, but the difference between the initial whiff and what was left on my skin was pretty striking. I am wondering if I am getting prematurely anosmic to one or more of the other notes in the perfume, or if either my skin or my nose is not picking the scent up as the blender intended. I plan on trying a few different ways of using and wearing it. All in all, even if it is a little flat to my nose, it's still a really lovely scent and an easy "introduction" to wearing vetiver! The sample came beautifully packaged. If you're curious, and you love natural, earthy scents, by all means give Smoke a try, it's a very nice scent.


  1. That's the tricky thing about perfume. One has to try it on to see if it fits or not. It sounds like a fun thing though :)

  2. Love the hamster cage smell of Vetiver!

  3. Those little drawings are fantastic! I can't even express how much I love them <3 I can't wait to see and hear more about this project as it progresses!

  4. I'm currently in one of those laggy intervals myself. *sigh* Loving those sketches, though!! Your work is so inspiring and I can't wait to find out more about the project!

  5. I love getting to see glimpses of upcoming secret things your working on! I'm currently nearing my college finals and critiques and am definitely feeling that painstaking anxiety, partly my own procrastination, but anyway, I hope your own goes away soon. :)

  6. This project with other artist sounds very well!! And if it means ( for what I could imagine) that it could be collectable minis worldwide available , it sounds VERY WELL. I was trying to get some original art from you but it is really hard because of the high these are good news!
    Thanks and take a cup of Valeriana root for the anxiety!

  7. I love how the Dust Bunnies look so bemused in the sketches, as if they're not sure what they're supposed to be doing. Antlers and bat wings look like lovely ideas, so if this is what you produce in an off week, I am in awe!

    I understand about the perfume. If it doesn't produce an emotional reaction, then it doesn't really work, it's just an odour. Vetiver is a lovely scent, though. Nice for spring. (If we ever get a spring.)

  8. Funny you should mention perfume. A long time ago, I bought all of "For Strange Women's" perfume samples - she's a seller on Etsy. I only just now allowed myself to splurge on my favourites:

    * Winter Kitty (sweet, musky, minty, comforting, mellow, smoky, vanilla)
    * November - (sweet & earthy, wood, forest floor, rain, moss, fallen leaves)
    * Decadence & Debauchery - (bold, tobacco, dark, round, glamorous, intense)

    I cannot express how excited I am about having THREE different types of perfumes! I'm going to wear a different one every day! :D


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