Sunday, July 5, 2015

The not-so-smooth part of sales...

So, yesterday, I hosted a sale in my webstore. Usually things go pretty smoothly, but this time was plagued with technical hiccups (some of which I need to follow up with Shopify to resolve).  Some people were able to see all the products listed, while other people didn't.  I want to take this opportunity to apologize for those issues, and let everybody know that I take this seriously,  and I very much want to make the buying process as painless and fair as it can possibly be.

The sheer volume of people who visit my shop and try to buy items all at one time can often create some frustrating situations, like carts getting emptied, or trying to buy something only to be told that it's sold out.  I know this can be super aggravating, and I'm often thinking about how to better approach this issue. 

What it comes down to is this - there just isn't a perfect way.  Any commerce service I use will have its own set of problems (I've tried a few), and the fact that I'm very specifically not factory-producing my resin figures means that their numbers will always be limited, and there will most likely be more people wanting one, than there are to go around.

To this point, I will offer this - this month's Belfry edition was only the first one. There will be 11 more colors that will be released throughout the year, and the same goes for the Pipsqueaks (and I am not even done with the Pipsqueak releases from last year, honestly).  So, I've still got plenty to offer!

I'll try my best to make sure that the glitches that happened with this particular sale don't happen again, and I'll keep trying ways to make it a more comfortable experience for everybody. I really, really, really appreciate everybody who spends their hard-earned money on my stuff.  I can't emphasize that enough; you guys are literally the entire reason I can do what I do.  You have many options for what you do with your money, and you choose to support me, and I am forever humbled by that, and grateful.

I want to do more, I want to make more available, and I want to increase the scope of the different products that I offer.  I've gained a lot of traction and experience over the past few years, and that's  bound to have some growing pains as things change. It isn't always a linear process, and as I'm just a human with a messy human life, I appreciate everybody's willingness to stay with me as it happens!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2015

    I was one of the ones who didn't see anything posted in your shop, as I was viewing "shop all products", until almost too late when suddenly they appeared. It was also the first time I have ever tried to purchase a piece of your art, as I have read many posts about how people crush down on your shop when you list items for sale and it always seemed almost hopeless to try. I understand all about small editions of art and commend you for being able to create as much as you can, being one person working alone. I know you can't control the demand for your artwork, so I'm not blaming you. Please do not think I blame you for what happened.

    When I saw your initial rough sculpt of Belfry 25 weeks ago I waited all this time for him to come up for sale. The fact this one was blue doubled my interest; I have a blue bat tattoo and couldn't wait to take a picture of them together. I had one carted as soon as the link came up for me (almost three full minutes after the stated start time of the sale) but received only "sold out" messages for the next 45 minutes. I *still* had it carted long after the piece was fully sold out. This gave me total false hope and was very frustrating. I don't know why Shopify's system even allowed this.

    I would like to suggest perhaps posting the items before hand in your shop, without the purchase button, so they're already in the shop's inventory system. Many artists I have purchased from who also do specific time / limited amount releases do this and I had had nary a cart problem with those sales. Maybe you've tried that before? I don't know, as like I said, my first time trying to purchase your art.

    Thank you for posting this. I am glad to know that Belfry will be offered again, at some point, in different colors. I just wish I could have had the blue one. Will there be another version in a blue shade? Because I will certainly try again to purchase one, as I would love to support you and own your art.

  2. Just don't lose your joy in your work.
    People get excited to buy, then naturally get upset when they are disappointed.
    But we all need to remember that you are an artist, not a manufacturer and we are VERY fortunate to be able to purchase your work online and at an affordable price.
    That is a rare privilege.
    Technology is glitchy and frustrating, so we need to be ready to deal with that and to possibly be disappointed. That's not your fault.
    It's a difficult balance to find between business and art.
    You are doing a fantastic job and I can't wait to see everything you have in store this year!


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